Techniques Used
Industrial Technology:
After the production of our agricultural crops move to the following Stages, the most important of which is the manufacturing phase.
Since its establishment, the Egyptian Saudi food industries co. has Been keen to build its factories according to HACCP standards.
Food Hygiene and safety and HACCP system. All the equipment Used in production lines conforms to international standards for the Food industry.
This has contributed to the effective control of the Manufacturing process periodically in all its stages. it is managed By automatic techniques without the need for human intervention.
These technologies have enabled our products to be frozen in a Positive manner to the chemical, bacteriological and sensory Specifications acceptable to the consumer.

Why we use the HACCP system?

  • System ensures the health and safety of food.
  • Consistent with modern trading system.
  • The requirements of some countries to apply this system to products.
Advantages of the HACCP system
  • Makes food more comprehensible to food health and safety
  • Facilitate the inspection process for the monitoring bodies.
  • Reduces the chances of pulling the product out of the market.
  • Open the way for companies to export

Technology Production Lines:

In order to ensure the quality and cleanliness of our Products, ESFIC has chosen to produce high quality and Exclusive production lines in the world.
The production lines Of Cabinplant which produce vegetables and fruits with a Distinctive taste and color have always enjoyed the Satisfaction of the consumer. The methods used by the Cabinplant equipment are that all vegetables and fruits are Washed with pure water and pass on more than one Cleaning stage to ensure the cleanliness and safety of the Product before the roasting. In addition, the Cabinplant Has Special lines for strawberry washing so that the Strawberry Passes in two stages because strawberries are Considered The most Fruits are exposed to insecticides and dust.
The Machine works by washing strawberries spherically to make Sure strawberries are free from all impurities. our Products are Processed in three stages with the latest technologies to Ensure that their color and taste are fresh.

Technology Production Lines:

  • Line for okra, beans and peas
  • Line of carrots
  • Line of Moulokhia and spinach
  • Line of green beans
  • Line of artichoke, cauliflower and broccoli
  • Line of strawberries


Freeze technology:

The Egyptian Saudi food industries co. has contracted with the Newest frozen food company, the world's only quick freezing Technology (IQF) freezing machine which is designed to retain the Largest amount of water during freezing, which gives a special Color and flavor when eaten. The factory was also equipped with a Special freezing machine to freeze leaves product to be ensure of It's quality to ensure the quality of paper products. Our products Freeze for half an hour at 70 ° C.

Cooling technology:

The egyptian saudi food industries co maintains its frozen products In cooling cold stories at teperature of 18 c johnson controls American equipment with the newest compressors and coolers with Security operation to be ensure that the products remain frozen and Heathy until reach the customers in excellent condition.

Packing technology:

We use the newest technology for our products packing.