Techniques Used

Agricultural techniques:

In order to benefit from the climate of Egypt and the nature of their fertile soil, we are keen to invest these advantages in the cultivation of various varieties of vegetables and fruits after determining their nutritiona feasibility.

We have adopted five steps to achieve our goals:

  1. Planning:
  2. The planning stage is one of the most important stages of establishing any project regardless of its activity. It designates the plan of action from the first step to achieving the goal. Therefore, planning was made according to the manufacturing best practices

  3. Following agricultural cycle:
  4. Agriculture cycle stages need to be monitored beginning with sowing until harvesting the crop. The most prominent stages of this cycle that we seek to achieve at high quality:

    • Irrigation.
    • Fertilization.
    • Pest Control.
    • Harvest.
  5. Selecting agricultural products:
  6. To guarantee that our customers receive highest quality and healthier products, we ensure that our products are free of chemicals and have distinctive taste.

  7. Selecting packing and transporting methods:
  8. The most prominent methods of packing, packaging and transporting to the site of manufacturing, is selected according to the needs of each stage while ensuring the achievement of international quality standards.

  9. Developing the skills of our manpower:
  10. Training our crew thorough distinctive training programs that ensure the achievement of our goal presented in the quality of our products through their various stages.

Industrial Techniques:

After the production of our agricultural crops, we move to the next stages, most notably the manufacturing phase, which what the Egyptian Saudi Company for Food Industries emphasize on since its establishment, in order to build their factories according to the standards of HACCP.

All the equipment used in the production lines conforms to the international standards of the food industry which, effectively, contributed to the control of the manufacturing processes periodically in all their stages. These processes are managed by automated technologies without the need for human intervention. Thus, this modern technology enabled the positive freezing of our products in accordance to the chemical, bacteriological, and sensory specifications acceptable to the consumer.