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We aim for our products to reach all the world markets by producing leading products in the field of production, packaging, and freezing as our production of frozen vegetables and fruits are estimated at 21,000 tons . We will export more than half the amount of production to different countries of the world, the most prominent  of which are:

  • Arab countries.
  • European Union.
  • North and South America.

Frozen Sweet Corn

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Frozen Strawberries

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Frozen Green Beans

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Frozen Taros

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Frozen Spinach

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Frozen Broccoli

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Frozen Carrots

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Frozen Cauliflower

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Frozen Mixed Vegetables

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Frozen Artichoke

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esfic How Do We Monitor Our Products Quality?

We take care of the health requirements of frozen vegetables and fruits in their various stages of manufacturing, including the optimum use of fertilizers and pesticides of quality and in quantities that do not affect the health of the consumer, whom we pay attention to primarily.

We take into consideration the results of natural, chemical, and microbiological analysis by taking random sampling of agricultural crops in various stages of production, in addition to the use of houses of expertise in this field. We allocate an independent budget for this matter.

Since the establishment of the company, quality assurance procedures have contributed to the confidence of customers from the various countries to which we export our products.



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