About Us

ESFIC Egyptian Saudi Food Industries Co.

is a subsidiary of ALMUHANNA group which is Saudi Arabia. ESFIC has been established in 2017.
With an initial target 3% of the total exporting share. In order to achieve our target and expand our share ESFIC Has established its facility with the cooperation of the best Experts around the globe at the field of the Frozen Vegetables processing which brings over a 150 years of Experience to our company.


ESFIC aims to bridge the global food gap by providing Outstanding frozen vegetables to Europe, GCC and Africa.ESFIC has followed the highest International standards to Deliver the premium Quality along with a competitive price. 

Where are we
Our company is located in Egypt, Cairo - Sadat City. Its strategic Location provides all the elements of a clean environment which
Ensures: High quality of our products.
What distinguishes us from other competing factories is that the Period of moving our products from the farm to the plant ranges From one to two hours, that is, our products do not need a long Time to reach the factory. This is an important reason for our Distinctiveness from other companies in maintaining the quality And delivery of our products fresh.